GUI Tool to Easily Convert AAC to MP3

Jeremy Bartle jeremy.bartle at
Fri Mar 11 00:07:07 EST 2011

I agree that AAC is a higher quality format, but the poor quality of
MP3 files is irrelevant to me as I only listen to speech radio and I
reduce the quality even further to keep the files small.  I find that
56kbits/s at 22,050Hz stereo is fine for listening on my MP3 player.
So I have been looking for an easy way to convert from AAC to MP3.

I have found a GUI front end for FFMPEG called WinFF which works very
well for me (Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit).  It allows you to select a
group of files in the GUI and then uses FFMPEG to perform the

I haven't tested this, but it also claims to work for Windows 95, 98 ,
ME, NT, XP, VISTA, and Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat based GNU/Linux

It appears to be completely free - I can't find any way of making a donation.

The web-site is:

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