Can't download _any_ TV programmes even with patched script

Chris Marriott chris at
Thu Jul 28 12:55:45 EDT 2011

>The new URL to use is :-
>Looks like you haven't installed the get_iplayer patch correctly go to 
>here - for instructions
>Nigel Taylor

Thank, Nigel.

Well that was DAMNED strange.

I'd downloaded the edited script correctly and using Windows Explorer to 
copy it to "C:\Program Files (x86)\get_iplayer". When I opened it in 
"notepad" it showed the correct, edited, version of the script. But when it 
ran it was still using the old version of the script!

I have a vague memory that when you try to amend a file in "Program Files", 
Windows 7 actually makes a copy of the file to some other location, and 
makes it appear to be in "Program Files" - I think that's what's going on 

In the end I ran my editor as "Administrator", opened the downloaded file 
and saved it in the "get_iplayer" directory, and then it FINALLY "stuck" and 
my downloads are now working again.

Very frustrating!

Thanks again, all.


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