Difficulty saving a video

Trevor Campbell Davis tcd at eur.co.uk
Sun Jul 24 04:58:31 EDT 2011

Dear all

Apologies if this has been covered, but if anyone can give me a quick 
pointer, it would be really helpful.

I routinely download BBC TV programmes for later viewing, usually in the 
highest resolution available, without any difficulty.  I normally do so from 
the command prompt in Windows 7, without using the GUI.

For most programmes, everything still works fine.  However, for a few (an 
increasing number, I think), the programme appears to download normally (it 
is certainly streaming through my router), but when I look at the 
destination folder (during download) it does not show the usual 
“default.partial.mp4” file (as an FLV), but shows instead what looks like an 
empty envelope.  At the end of the download it fails to convert, leaving the 
empty envelope in the destination directory.

An example this week is (PID)  b012p5db , last night’s Prom performance. 
Another is any episode of Great British Railway Journeys.

Any suggestions of what I need to change to resolve the problem would be 
most welcome.



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