Difficulty saving a video

Sam Kuper sam.kuper at uclmail.net
Mon Jul 18 11:03:28 EDT 2011

On 18 July 2011 11:14, Nigel Taylor <njtaylor at asterisk.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> The auth part depends on the IP address, so you can't cut and paste.

OK, as I suspected. Thanks for confirming.

> rtmpsvr requires you to directs the traffic to it.

Aha! I hadn't clocked that. Thank you.

> On Debian (Linux)
> I have a user rtmp, under which I run rtmpsrv. The traffic to port 1935 is redirected using iptables -
> iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 1935 -m owner \! --uid-owner rtmp \
> For mac don't have one to try this on..
> sudo ipfw add 40 fwd,1935 tcp from any to any 1935
> sudo ipfw add 40 fwd,1935 tcp from any to any 1935 not uid RTMP
> See http://stream-recorder.com/forum/use-rtmpdump-rtmpsrv-mac-os-x-t7662.html

Made my system hang, as others in that forum thread reported. The
/etc/hosts trick mentioned there didn't work for me either. Meh.

Am still wondering if Wireshark is the way to go, but my experience
with Wireshark isn't very substantial, so it might be more effort than
it's worth.

>> If you compare,
>> get_iplayer is not passing the correct parameters to rtmpdump, which why you
>> get the access error.
> Aha! Thank you for pointing this out. Is this a bug in get_iplayer? If
> so, ought it to be reported somewhere, or is this mailing list thread
> sufficient?

Also, please could someone comment on this?

Thanks again,


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