Errors downloading this evening

Clive roadcone at
Fri Jul 15 14:11:57 EDT 2011

On 15/07/2011 16:24, Simon wrote:
> Radio downloads were completely broken for me for a number of days, and
> last night. It looks to be working fine today though. I don't download
> TV so I don't know how it compared.
> Regards
> Simon
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This evening, so far, I appear to have a quiet truce with the BBC 
servers. Most of what I want, I have been able to get. Some things start 
very slowly and invariably time out. Those that start well have, so far, 
completed. Searching is pants. Searches such as vanity, pall 
(Pallisters), ghost and mardle have all failed, returning 0 hits. Using 
the pid in the download has, however, resulted in the file. Other 
searches, such as falco, have given today's episode but not the previous 

Oops! a Female Ghost has just timed out, restarted, failed, restarted, 
failed, restarted - oh dear, it may all be back. Ah, now the other one 
is issuing the Warning: Stream error message. Closing the Windows DOS 
box, reopening and starting again has got one of them. It is working, 
but it is all very fragile.


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