get_iplayer Digest, Vol 15, Issue 8

Julian Hughes julianhughes at
Thu Jul 14 18:05:42 EDT 2011

>    1. Re: Errors downloading this evening (Tony Quinn)
>    2. Re: Errors downloading this evening (Clive)
>    3. RE: Errors downloading this evening (Michael Mayne)
>    4. Re: Re: Errors downloading this evening (richard)
>    5. Re: Errors downloading this evening (
> etc

The same thing with another programme:

As well as not being downloadable it also fails to play properly in the
web browser flashplayer.  It played for a minute or two then quit and
displayed a "more like this" page in the player frame.  10 or 15 minutes
later and it played perfectly normally.

Here's another:

Several times this one wouldn't even begin to play in the browser
(Firefox 5.0) flashplayer.  Then I tried another browser (Chromium 6)
and it played normally in each browser. I wondered if there's something
odd going on with setting cookies but my get_iplayer runs on a different
machine on the LAN.

Perhaps if people check each programme that has failed they will find
the same or similar, a failure after a couple of minutes.

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