Very Bad News

Steve Anderson steve at
Wed Jan 26 05:41:13 EST 2011

On 26 January 2011 10:34, Andrew Gee <andrew at> wrote:
> Luckily it'll be replaced by something else though.

Erik Huggers has already outlined what's going on. People/media seem
to be getting hysterical without actually trying to find out the

An enshortened link to Tech Radar:

Basically iPlayer's still going to list the shows, it's just not going
to play them - it'll redirect you to the Radio portal.

> I'm sure it'll be
> possible to tweak get_iplayer to work with that too. Maybe they'll still
> even use the same pid and media_selector system.

Oh, it'll be possible. Just a pain, maybe an extra couple of hoops to
leap through.

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