downloading hd files stalls before complete files are downloaded

Christopher Woods (CustomMade) christopher at
Mon Jan 24 09:13:17 EST 2011

>  most hd files are converted from flv to mp4 before the 
> downloading is finished and all i get is part of 
> programmesother definitions are ok OS= windows xp  help  thanks

We need more info Chris. What version of get_iplayer are you using? Have you
updated it recently? Did you download the infradead version or are you still
using the old version from linuxcentre?

The stalling download problem sounds like an flvstreamer problem, and latest
versions of get_iplayer use rtmpdump with the swfVfy parameter to persuade
the BBC streaming servers to properly supply the stream.

Fwiw, the latest version of get_iplayer available via "get_iplayer --update"
is Version 2.79 -- Sun, 9 Jan 2011.

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