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Richard Mace richard.mace at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 20 21:36:22 EST 2011

For 6 months of the year I live in Thailand but I have a home in England
were I my own personal server. Amongst other things I use the server to
run get_iplayer on. I log on to the server via ssh and manually run
get_iplayer. I also run get_iplayer via a crontab schedule. I can then
download manually from my server to my netbook in Thailand. This all
works great apart from the downloads from my server are limited by the
slow broadband upload speed. This brings me to my main purpose for this
posting. I also use server to stream BBC TV and the higher quality radio
streams. I do this by opening a ssh tunnel and redirecting a port thus:-
ssh - -D 1080 richard at mydomain.name.com

I then run get_iplayer locally (in Thailand) via tsocks. What this does
is forwards all get_iplayer's network requests to my server in England.
This works but again, the streams are limited in speed by the upload
speed of my server's broadband, I can only stream the very low quality
TV. My question is is if I set up my England server as a proxy server
will I suffer the same speed limitation? Does the network traffic still
pass through my home server? 

I Have also experimented with other method's UKiVPN, a UK based VPN
company. They charge £5 a month for a UK based VPN service. This workks
great but it seems stupid for me to pay £5 a month when I have my own UK
Not sent from an iPhoney.

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