How best to watch HD content? (OT)

Arthur Dent misc.lists at
Mon Jan 17 05:50:29 EST 2011

Strictly speaking this message is off-topic for this list, but there are
so many knowledgeable people here I hope you will indulge me

Where possible I use get_iplayer to download in HD format and then often
watch it on my PC. I have, however, an HD TV with a HDMI socket. To watch
digital content I have a Xenta HDMI Upscaling Mini Media Player Divx
Upscaling HDMI USB/SD ( which can
play .avi files and the like from a USB stick. Unfortunately it does not
seem to cope with the MP4 files produced by the get_iplayer download of HD

If I want to watch stuff on my TV rather than my PC I can of course use
ffmpeg to transcode it and burn it on to DVD – but then it won’t be HD
anymore (will it?).

My question:
How do the good folks here watch HD content to best effect? Is there
something simple I can do, or do I need to invest (my limited funds) in
new technology?

Thanks in advance


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