get_iplayer v2.79 release

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Sun Jan 9 11:42:17 EST 2011

Various fixes to keep up with the current service...

Andy Bircumshaw (1):
      Show title correctly in terminal or tmux

David Woodhouse (14):
      Restore Phil's NSIS installer improvements
      There is no 'rtmpdump' option; it's 'flvstreamer' still
      Remove unneeded files
      Install ffmpeg and lame to correct directories
      Fix typo in slist= generation for akamai
      Patch from 'fsck' to fix rtsp* modes
      Create latest/ symlink for Windows downloader to use
      Fix update URLs in installer
      Update Windows installer version to 4.2
      get_iplayer.cgi: Add 'exclude' option to exclude programmes by name
      Add basic HTML page
      Point downloads at ftp site.
      Fix live TV streaming.
      Tag version 2.79

Jonathan Wiltshire (1):
      Generate manual page when tagging a release

Mike Fleetwood (1):
      Exit successfully after writing manual page

Steven Luo (1):
      Update iPlayer EMP version

Stuart Henderson (1):
      Fix "Using hash as a reference is deprecated" with perl 5.12

fs ck (4):
      Set live flag for non-akamai CDN
      Add HD category for appropriate programmes
      Remove iphone mode from default modes list
      Fix audiodescribed and signed version downloads

fsck (1):
      HD category now set on programs that are only on the BBC HD channel


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