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Shevek shevek at
Thu Jan 6 15:00:50 EST 2011

On 6 January 2011 18:29, ZULU <zulu.romeotangohotel at> wrote:
> Me also...
> using *flashaudio,flashaac,flashhigh,flashstd*
> gave me the same from WebPVR Manager

just tried:

get_iplayer --modes flashaudio,flashaac,flashhigh,flashstd --get 1

and 100 years of palladium is downloading fine in flashhigh1

get_iplayer v2.78, Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Phil Lewis
  This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use --warranty.
  This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain
  conditions; use --conditions for details.

1:      100 Years of the Palladium - -, BBC Two, Arts Culture & the
Media,Factual,TV, default

INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
INFO: Checking existence of default version
INFO: flashhigh1,flashhigh2,flashstd1,flashstd2 modes will be tried
for version default
INFO: Trying flashhigh1 mode to record tv: 100 Years of the Palladium
- 100 Years of the Palladium
INFO: File name prefix =
RTMPDump v2.2d
(c) 2010 Andrej Stepanchuk, Howard Chu, The Flvstreamer Team; license: GPL
Connecting ...
INFO: Connected...
Starting download at: 0.000 kB
INFO: Metadata:
INFO:   duration              3559.12
INFO:   moovPosition          32.00
INFO:   width                 640.00
INFO:   height                360.00
INFO:   videocodecid          avc1
INFO:   audiocodecid          mp4a
INFO:   avcprofile            77.00
INFO:   avclevel              30.00
INFO:   aacaot                2.00
INFO:   videoframerate        25.00
INFO:   audiosamplerate       24000.00
INFO:   audiochannels         2.00
INFO: trackinfo:
INFO:   length                88976000.00
INFO:   timescale             25000.00
INFO:   language              eng
INFO: sampledescription:
INFO:   sampletype            avc1
INFO:   length                85419008.00
INFO:   timescale             24000.00
INFO:   language              eng
INFO: sampledescription:
INFO:   sampletype            mp4a
31680.000 kB / 324.24 sec (9.1%)

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