PS3 problem playing get_iplayer h.264 videos

don rossie don.rossie at
Thu Dec 22 14:24:36 EST 2011

I have been reading up on this problem which is the video files play
at double speed with no audio and the solution seems to be to use an
older version of ffmpeg. Can anyone tell me where I can download an
older copy that will work with the PS3 so that any new vids that I d/l
with get_iplayer will work the PS3. Lastly, I have a lot of vids that
I have stored on my NAS, is there a way of setting up a batch file
that will convert all of these to be able to play on the PS3. Any help
that can be offered will be very much appreciated but can the advice
offered be quite explicit in the methods offered to fix my problems as
I am not all that PC savvy.

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