Tosca, BBC2 Live stream, Saturday - How?

zaphod zaphod at
Thu Dec 22 13:06:36 EST 2011


Clive wrote:
> I do not know if it will be available from iplayer later

To see if a program is going to be available for download later you can
just enter the program name into the search box at the iPlayer website at:

In this case this takes you to:
where the program is shown as 'Coming soon', I use this all the time and
it has proved totally reliable as far as I can recall.

There is probably a way of finding this out from within get_iPlayer, I
noticed the --future option the other day but haven't tried to use it yet.
In  --helplong it says:
 --future  Search future programme schedule if it has been indexed
    (refresh cache with: --refresh --refresh-future).


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