Tosca, BBC2 Live stream, Saturday - How?

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Thu Dec 22 10:44:55 EST 2011

On 22/12/2011 15:12, Jon Davies wrote:
> On 21 December 2011 19:59, Clive<clivebuc at>  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> You helped me capture the live R3 audio broadcast of Tosca a couple of
>> months ago [...]
> complicated, and it turns out that get_iplayer will record the 320kbps
> aac stream out-of-the-box thus:
> get_iplayer -g --type=liveradio "BBC Radio 3"

The same principle should apply for recording the televised opera:

get_iplayer -g --type=livetv "BBC Two"

You may need to specify --livetvmode if you want to user a lower quality 
stream (should default to flashvhigh for BBC2).  You also may want to 
run with the --stop option in order to get a clean shutdown (converts to 
MP4, etc.).   Killing rtmpdump when the programme finishes will leave 
just the .partial.flv file, though that might be good enough for your 

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