Applying patches to get_iplayer

Jon Davies jon at
Mon Apr 18 05:50:40 EDT 2011

On 18 April 2011 07:52, Hazel Jordan <hazelmjordan at> wrote:
> As a complete beginner to this  - how can I apply the patch to my (windows 7
> installed) version of get_iplayer?

Make a backup first...

Grab a copy of the latest patched version of the get_iplayer script
from the git repository here:

and drop it in to replace

If you need the latest ffmpeg (which fixes a couple of other small
problems), then it's a little more complicated and I'll defer
describing how to do this to someone who actually uses get_iplayer on
windows...  but there are recent builds of ffmpeg here:
pick either the 32 bit of 64 bit static (latest) version depending on
whether your windows is 32bit or 64bit, and replace your existing
ffmpeg.exe with the new one.


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