Still saving in a corrupt AAC format

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Thu Apr 14 13:16:04 EDT 2011

On 14/04/2011 18:00, Steve wrote:
> FFmpeg version SVN-rUNKNOWN, Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Fabrice Bellard, et

If you see the string above, you're back to a bad version of ffmpeg. 
2007 is too old and version string (based on your previous logs) should 
start with "git-..." not "SVN-rUNKNOWN".  See Andy's previous advice, 
and then set up your get_iplayer options file and/or command line to 
point explicitly to the full path of the version of ffmpeg you know is 
good (/usr/bin/ffmpeg?).  This should override whatever ffmpeg is being 
found in $PATH.

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