Using the --URL= command in Get_Iplayer...

saddington derek d_saddington at
Tue Oct 19 05:47:30 EDT 2010

Been using Get_Iplayer 2.78 on my Windows 7 (64) system for some time
without problems (from the Command Line) but I've just noticed that
the --URL option that I used to use to grab clips from BBC Learing
Zone etc doesn't seem to work anymore. I used to be able to
copy/paste the URL and grab the clipswith no problems. Could anyone
point me in the direction of getting this working again? A
non-technical explanation would be great or just a straight 'Not
possible' would be fine!

Thanks for everyone's skill and expertise in keeping Get_Iplayer
going, very much appreciated in the education field.

Derek Saddington

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