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Fri Aug 13 14:44:16 EDT 2010

On 13 Aug 2010, at 18:28, Ross James wrote:
> ...
> For the last few months I've been having trouble downloading from  
> embedded
> players in webpages e.g.
> It used to work fine, and was something I did regularly, so I can only
> assume I'm using the wrong syntax. I've been trying many different  
> commands,
> for example "get_iplayer --get --url="<url>" --modes=flashnormal"  
> but I
> always get "No specified modes available for this programme", no  
> matter what
> modes I specify.
> Could someone confirm whether this feature is still working...

I am able to get some, but not others.

"News Raider Comes Forward" works here:
get_iplayer --url " 
" --type all

Using the same syntax, "Vodafone backs down in Android row" does not:

With the latter URL I have also tried "-- 
A "--modes=any" or a "--modes=all" option would be ideal, or have "-- 
modes=" left blank do the same thing (perhaps it does, but I've tried  
that, too).

Note that I don't have the XML::Simple perl module installed, as that  
breaks other downloads here, see June's "Imogen Heap" thread. All Phil  
Lewis' releases used only Perl's main / built-in modules - he wouldn't  
of permitted the XML::Simple dependency. One can argue that that was a  
stubborn requirement (I see both sides of this argument), but I can  
only assume that the new code that uses XML::Simple has some other  
hidden dependency. I meant to post about this previously &/or  
separately, I think, but didn't get around to it.


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