Location of mplayer

Dan Ashby dan at slickpepper.co.uk
Fri Aug 13 04:45:23 EDT 2010

Hi Chris,

--On 13 August 2010 07:19 +0100 CJ <chrisj1343 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> The location of mplayer is in "options" which is usually located here :-
> C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\get_iplayer
> The content of the file is typically as follows :_
> lame .\lame\x86\lame.exe
> mplayer .\mplayer\MPlayer-1.0rc2\mplayer.exe
> atomicparsley .\atomicparsley\atomicparsley.exe
> output C:\Documents and Settings\jonesc\Desktop\iPlayer Recordings
> flvstreamer .\rtmpdump-2.2d\rtmpdump.exe
> ffmpeg .\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe
> vlc .\vlc\vlc.exe
> mmsnothread 1
> nopurge 1

Quite right! I didn't realise the default file went there, and as the 
equivalent directory on Windows 7 is hidden by default 
(C:\ProgramData\get_iplayer) it wasn't being found in my simple search.

> HOWEVER I have noticed that even if you change these paths then some
> parts of get_iplayer (e.g. Web PVR Manager") seem to disregard them.
> As an example I use WinFF which already has ffmpeg installed and it seems
> to disregard any direction to its ffmpeg

Hmmm... I don't use the web pvr so can't comment on that - sorry.

Thanks for pointing out where the file lives - that really helps.


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