flashaudio producing garbled mp3

Dan Ashby dan at slickpepper.co.uk
Thu Aug 12 11:16:06 EDT 2010

Note: I am running get_iplayer.pl version 2.78 on a Windows 7 64 bit OS.

When downloading radio shows using --modes=flashaudio I have recently been 
getting a garbled mp3 as a result. The downloaded flv was the issue. It 
appears that flvstreamer 2.1a was not doing a good job of resuming a 
download after an 'ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet 
header' error occurred. I grabbed a binary for 2.1c1 of flvstreamer from 
the link below and all appears well again:


I hope this may help someone avoid the hassles I've had in locating this 

On another point, I can't see where the default locations for various 
binaries are set - I know how to override them in the options file or on 
the command line, but how, for instance does get_iplayer figure out where 
mplayer is?


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