Re-creating bootable image from boot.iso

Robert Allerstorfer linux-ra at
Fri Mar 30 14:51:43 EDT 2007

On Fri, 30 Mar 2007, 16:38 GMT+01 Paul Nasrat wrote:

> This is what we use in fedora essentially:

> mkisofs -o boot.iso -chrp-boot -U \
> -prep-boot ppc/chrp/yaboot \
> -part -hfs -T -r -l -J \
> -A "Fedora 4" -sysid PPC -V "PBOOT" -volset 4 -volset-size 1 \
> -volset-seqno 1 -hfs-volid 4 -hfs-bless $(pwd)/ppc/ppc \
> -map mapping -magic magic -no-desktop -allow-multidot \
> $(pwd)/ppc

> Note the hfs-bless using a full path due to mkisofs wackiness.

Thank you Paul, Luciano and David - works now :-)

OK, "for the archives", to get the image bootable, 'ofboot.b' must be
blessed as HFS in the CD's root directory, as type 'tbxi'
(all-lowercase - 'TBXI' won't work!).

Since there is no need to have any other file than 'ofboot.b' to be
associated with a certain type, I didn't use the full mapping table. I
think this is a more elegant way and it just WORKS. Here is the full
set of commands I have used:

test -d boot || mkdir boot
mount -o loop boot.iso boot
rm -rf boot-new; cp -rp boot boot-new
find boot-new -name TRANS.TBL -exec rm -f {} \;
echo "ofboot.b X 'chrp' 'tbxi'" > mapping
volume_id="PBOOT"; system_id="PPC"; volume_set_id="6"; application_id="Fedora Core 6"; hfs_volume_id=$volume_set_id
mkisofs -volid "$volume_id" -sysid "$system_id" -appid "$application_id" -volset "$volume_set_id" \
        -untranslated-filenames -joliet -rational-rock -translation-table \
        -hfs -part -hfs-volid "$hfs_volume_id" -no-desktop -hfs-creator '????' -hfs-type '????' -map "$(pwd)/mapping" \
        -chrp-boot -prep-boot ppc/chrp/yaboot -hfs-bless "$(pwd)/boot-new/ppc/mac" \
        -o boot-new.iso $(pwd)/boot-new

The output of mkisofs should then be something like:
Warning: creating filesystem that does not conform to ISO-9660.
Blessing mac (/full_path_to/boot-new/ppc/mac)
CHRP boot partition 1
PReP boot partition 2 is "ppc/chrp/yaboot"
 23.53% done, estimate finish Fri Mar 30 19:06:52 2007
 46.95% done, estimate finish Fri Mar 30 19:06:52 2007
 70.43% done, estimate finish Fri Mar 30 19:06:50 2007
 93.89% done, estimate finish Fri Mar 30 19:06:51 2007
Total extents actually written (inc HFS) = 21160
(Size of ISO volume = 20213, HFS extra = 947)
Total translation table size: 4617
Total rockridge attributes bytes: 3647
Total directory bytes: 16384
Path table size(bytes): 116
Max brk space used 0
21310 extents written (41 MB)

Best regards,

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