Re-creating bootable image from boot.iso

Robert Allerstorfer linux-ra at
Thu Mar 29 19:26:43 EDT 2007


when I burn the 'boot.iso' file found in the 'images' direcory of
Fedora 6's ppc DVD-image (FC-6-ppc-DVD.iso) to a CD, I can
successfully boot from it with my iBook G4 (ppc-32). I have been
trying to re-create a bootable image from it:

# mkdir boot; mount -o loop boot.iso boot
# rm -rf boot-new; cp -rp boot boot-new
# find boot-new -name TRANS.TBL -exec rm -f {} \;
# volume_id="PBOOT"; system_id="PPC"; volume_set_id="6"; application_id="Fedora Core 6"; hfs_volume_id=$volume_set_id
# mkisofs -V "$volume_id" -sysid "$system_id" -A "$application_id" -volset "$volume_set_id" \
        -untranslated-filenames -joliet -rational-rock -translation-table \
        -hfs -hfs-bless ppc -prep-boot ppc/chrp/yaboot -chrp-boot -part -hfs-volid "$hfs_volume_id" -no-desktop \
        -quiet -o boot-new.iso boot-new
Warning: creating filesystem that does not conform to ISO-9660.
CHRP boot partition 1
PReP boot partition 2 is "ppc/chrp/yaboot"

# ls -l *.iso
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 43642880 Oct 17 20:21 boot.iso
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 43642880 Mar 30 00:35 boot-new.iso

As showed above, the new .iso has exactly the same size as the
original one. However, when I burn that onto CD and try to boot from
it -> no success. What am I missing?



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