booting from network with fc6 or fc7t2 / Apple G4 PPC ? yaboot ?

Pierre Bourgin pierre.bourgin at
Wed Mar 7 11:33:29 EST 2007

Paul Nasrat a écrit :
> On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 18:43 +0100, Pierre Bourgin wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I confirm the 6 MB barrier for file transmitted via TFTP.
>> I don't know if this limitation comes from yaboot or the Apple's 
>> OpenFirmware.


>> Does Fedora project plan to provide ramdisk.image.gz < 6 MB in the future ?
> The plan is to rewrite the malloc implementation in yaboot to cope with
> bigger images, there are some patches out there - it needs some
> co-ordinated testing.

fine ! I'm currently (try to) re-using some Apple hardware to do 
s/macOSX/fedora-ppc/ig :-)

> Would you be happy to help the testing?

Yes, if it's not too complicated: I have only one Xserve G4 and a 
PowerBook G4, and no stable environment (yet) with FC6/PPC.
If it's just testing a yaboot binary from our TFTP server (ISC dhcpd) to 
launch FC6 networked installation, no problem ;-)

> Paul

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