[PATCH v2 01/13] Documentation: sunxi: Add some documentation

Jules Maselbas jmaselbas at zdiv.net
Wed May 24 16:43:16 PDT 2023

Add some informations about Allwinner sunxi boardssupport: the general
boot process, how to use sunxi-fel tool, and how to create a bootable
image disk.

Signed-off-by: Jules Maselbas <jmaselbas at zdiv.net>
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+Allwinner sunxi
+Because of size constraints Barebox proper cannot boot directly, the uses
+of :doc:`PBL` allows to compress the Barebox image and it's device-tree.
+However this is not enough, and two images are acctually needed. The first
+image is suffixed *_xload* and it only consist of the PBL with a special
+entry point that looks for ``barebox.bin`` the root of a FAT partition.
+Only the SD card is currently searched, but this could also be in eMMC.
+The second image is your standard Barebox plus PBL image (suffixed ``.pblb``).
+Boot process
+On power-up Allwinner SoC starts in boot ROM, aka BROM, which will search
+for an eGON image: first from the SD card, then from eMMC. If no image is
+found then the BROM will enter into FEL mode that can be used for initial
+programming and recovery of devices using USB.
+Some board may have a button to enter FEL mode at startup. If not, another
+way to enter FEL mode is to not have a valid image eGON image, this can be
+achived by erasing existing eGON image headers.
+eGON header
+The eGON header structure is described in the file ``include/mach/sunxi/egon.h``.
+This is also documented on https://linux-sunxi.org/EGON .
+The eGON header, followed by the actual image, must be located at a fixed
+offset of 8192 bytes (4K) from the start of the disk, either SD; or eMMC.
+.. code-block:: sh
+  # copy the "pine64_xload" eGON image into disk sdd
+  dd if=images/start_pine64_pine64_xload.pblb.egonimg of=/dev/sdd bs=1024 seek=8
+The above will write the entire "pine64_xload" Barebox PBL plus the eGON
+header into the disk "/dev/sdd".
+BROM will load, at most, the first 32KB of the image into SRAM, including
+the header itself! The jump instruction in the header needs to be patched
+accordingly with the image size.
+Note that on on sunxi platforms the boot ROM will load the entire image
+**including** the eGON header. The actual load address will be offset by
+the eGON header (currently 96 bytes), this bad because arm instructions
+used for relocation expect the base address to be aligned on 4K boundary.
+As a workaround, a egon header is included and linked into the Barebox
+pbl image, this dummy header will be filled later by egon_mkimage.
+Board images are defined in ``images/Makefile.sunxi``, here is an example::
+.. code-block:: none
+  pblb-$(CONFIG_MACH_PINE64_PINE64) += start_pine64_pine64_xload
+  MAX_PBL_IMAGE_SIZE_start_pine64_pine64_xload = 0x8000
+  FILE_barebox-pine64-pine64_xload.img = start_pine64_pine64_xload.pblb.egonimg
+  image-$(CONFIG_MACH_PINE64_PINE64) += barebox-pine64-pine64_xload.img
+RMR aarch64 switch
+Aarch64 capable SoC (A64/sun50i) boot by default in 32-bit mode. A special header
+is added to the start of the PBL image in order to switch to aarch64 mode as soon
+as possible. This must be done very early in the boot process since both ISA are
+not compatible. The code to switch mode is already assembled (mostly arm 32bit)
+and is documented in the header file ``include/mach/sunxi/rmr_switch.h``.
+The ``sunxi-fel`` tool is used to interact, through USB, with sunxi devices
+in FEL mode. ``sunxi-fel`` is part of the sunxi-tools_.
+.. _sunxi-tools: https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-tools
+More documentation about FEL_ and how to use the sunxi-fel tool can be
+found on https://linux-sunxi.org/FEL/USBBoot .
+**Note:** ``sunxi-fel`` has a commands dedicated to boot u-boot images but theses
+commands require a valid eGON header, if not more. This can be easily bypassed.
+The ``sunxi-fel`` tool can be used to load any arbitrary image at a given address
+and can also request the processor to jump and start executing at any address.
+This can be achieved by the following two commands::
+.. code-block:: sh
+  sunxi-fel write-with-progress 0x00018000 images/start_pine64_pinephone.pblb
+  sunxi-fel exe 0x00018000
+These two commands allows the use of a different and bigger SRAM than the
+default 32KB used by the boot ROM.

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