[PATCH 0/3] mtd: nand: atmel: legacy: fix boot on USB-A9G20

Wolfram Sang wsa at kernel.org
Tue Mar 21 10:20:45 PDT 2023

Hi Sascha!

> Nice to hear from you here ;)

Yeah, it has been only 10 years... :)

> I have no idea how the SDRAM setup is done on the USB-A9G20. There seems
> to be SDRAM setup code for the USB-A9263, but not for the USB-A9G20. Is
> there some AT91Bootstrap required?

Yes. There is a bootstrap required: https://github.com/linux4sam/at91bootstrap
However, an old version is needed. I am still fighting the details.

I accidently erased it, so my journey for unbricking the device began.
at91bootstrap, openocd, barebox - they all once supported A9G20, but
nowadays all of them were broken. Well, I fixed openocd and barebox
mostly so far, the bootstrap is still the missing piece.

Super interesting about the A9263 setup code. I missed it so far. Does
that mean that barebox can replace the at91bootstrap?

> Anyway, what's really missing is DT support. I scribbled a patch to get
> you started in case you are motivated. Basically it's: Compile in the

Motivated? No way ;) Obliged? More so. But first, I want to unbrick my
device. First make it work, then make it beautiful.

That being said, the two patches from this series are okay? I'd think
they are still needed for other legacy systems even if I convert A9G20
to DT in some ages.

Thanks for your help!

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