[PATCH 0/3] mtd: nand: atmel: legacy: fix boot on USB-A9G20

Wolfram Sang wsa at kernel.org
Sun Mar 19 14:28:07 PDT 2023

Hi Sam,

> It is only a few weeks ago I argued that there was no users of the older
> at91sam* boards, and then you prove me wrong here.

At your service ;)

> I will try to remember that you may be able to test should someone
> decide to move the barebox support for qil_a9g20 to DT and add PBL
> support in the process.

I am still new to at91 and barebox, but AFAICS the PBL support is only
for MCI currently? I have an USB-A9G20-C01 and this one does not have SD
exposed. The later version A9G20-LPW has it, but I don't own such a
device, sadly. I really like the Calao USB form factor.

Happy hacking,


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