Autoboot when idling at prompt possible?

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Fri Mar 17 10:35:27 PDT 2023

Dear Ahmad,

thanks for your kind support.

On Thu, Mar 16, 2023 at 01:51:39PM +0100, Ahmad Fatoum wrote:

> If you keep ctrl+c pressed during boot, you may abort before init runs,
> even if global.autboot_timeout=0.

Interesting, I double checked "my" barebox for this feature, nice to

> You can enable watchdog before init runs, e.g. in your board code, let's
> say with a timeout of 2 minutes. If you have reason to use the shell, you
> run wd -x manually or set global.autoboot=abort and reset.

This sounds neat and not over complicated. Nice Idea, to have a watchdog
enabled at barebox level, why not. The manual required "wd -x" is fine.

I have a beaglebone board, added CONFIG_WATCHDOG and manual enabling
watchdog via "wd 120" and disabling vie "wd -x" works fine. Now I wonder
how to enable at boot up.

Something like

--- a/arch/arm/boards/beaglebone/board.c
+++ b/arch/arm/boards/beaglebone/board.c
@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@
 #include <linux/err.h>
 #include <mach/bbu.h>

+#include <watchdog.h>
 #include "beaglebone.h"

 static int beaglebone_coredevice_init(void)
@@ -84,6 +86,9 @@ static int beaglebone_devices_init(void)
                return am33xx_of_register_bootdevice();

+       struct watchdog *wd = watchdog_get_default();
+       watchdog_set_timeout(wd, 120);
        return 0;


I can't test at the moment because I am remote and cant handle a abused
crashing barebox at the moment. It compiles, though!

The passwort entry approach is kinda neat to, I will investigate this
feature too.

Kind Regards

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