Autoboot when idling at prompt possible?

Konstantin Kletschke konstantin.kletschke at
Thu Mar 16 05:34:26 PDT 2023

Hi there,

in order to get the booting more robust I already changed
autoboot_abort_key from "any" to "ctrl-c".

We wan't to keep the autoboot_timeout to be able to access the
bootloader prompt manually or with install tools more reliably to a non
zero positive value. I.e. enter prompt with timeout greater than zero
still should be possible.

Is there a mechanism already implemented or thinkable to be added as a
command, which boots when the prompt is idling for a couple of minutes?
Lets say the bootloader caught ctrl-c by accident (free serial pins in
headless encasing in rough EMV environment) and idles there
for years...

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