[PATCH v3 0/2] Initial LS1021-IOT board support

Renaud Barbier Renaud.Barbier at ametek.com
Tue Mar 14 10:37:44 PDT 2023

> Applied with some changes. First I rebased on current -next which means
> renaming arch/arm/mach-layerscape/include/mach/ to
> include/mach/layerscape/. Then setting CONFIG_ARCH_TEXT_BASE
> shouldn't be needed. Also I renamed back some layerscape_ prefixes to
> ls1046a_ and ls1021a_. Please check the result in current -next.
> Sascha
All good. Thanks.

barebox 2023.02.0-00261-g96ec914c95a7 #1 Tue Mar 14 17:32:18 GMT 2023

Board: LS1021A-IOT Board
m25p80 flash at 00: s25fl512s (65536 Kbytes)
malloc space: 0x9defd4e0 -> 0xbbdfa9bf (size 479 MiB)

Hit m for menu or any to stop autoboot:    3
barebox at LS1021A-IOT Board:/

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