ARM: mmu_early_enable

Lior Weintraub liorw at
Wed Aug 16 23:22:50 PDT 2023

Hi Sascha,

I think I found an issue with the CONFIG_MMU feature.
When the code under barebox_pbl_start calls mmu_early_enable, the MMU is set such that only the given SRAM is defined (membase, memsize).
But then, if DEBUG_LL is in use and the function pr_debug is called we get an exception because the UART address is not included in the MMU.

Is that a misuse by our side or a potential issue in barebox?
If this is an issue with barebox maybe the solution can be:
Get putc_ctx from console.c and if not zero let mmu_early_enable set this region also (with size 0x1000) as a device type.


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