sha2 digest on ppc

Barbier, Renaud Renaud.Barbier at
Fri Mar 18 02:14:01 PDT 2022

Commit 03fb5524b06 has changed the configuration selection for hash algorithm. For instance:

-config SHA256
+config HAVE_DIGEST_SHA256

This breaks on my PPC platform as the configuration selection has not been changed in crypto/sha2.c

Still working on my ARM platform because the algo is registered somewhere else (arch/arm/crypto/sha256_glue.c)

RENAUD: sha256_digest_register
RENAUD: sha256_digest_register: ALGO NOT REGISTERED
RENAUD: digest_algo_get_by_name: sha256 sha256
RENAUD: digest_algo_get_by_name: sha224 sha256
RENAUD: digest_algo_get_by_name: md5 sha256
FIT: /images/kernel-1/hash-1: hash OK

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