[PATCH] arm: stm32mp15x: Move mmc aliases to board files

Ahmad Fatoum a.fatoum at pengutronix.de
Fri Mar 11 01:31:16 PST 2022

Hello Uwe,

On 07.03.22 14:23, Uwe Kleine-König wrote:
> I would have gone with the mapping tables and I'd consider
> /aliases/barebox,mmc0 = ... more ugly. But I agree this to be
> a bit subjective.

Mapping table will be more effort IMO. At least the `barebox,` prefix
change would be mechanical and less error-prone.

>  If the soc-code continues to depend on having the mmc
> aliases as defined in stm32mp151.dtsi, there should be a comment
> describing that IMHO.

It's generic code that depends on the aliases for fixup.

>>>> Additionally having any alias at all ensures fixed naming that's
>>>> not dependent on probe order.
>>> Fine for me. And if the board doesn't define the aliases, you get random
>>> ordering.
>> I prefer sane defaults.
> I prefer sane defaults iff they can be easily adapted by board code. If
> you consider in board.dts:
> 	mmc0 = &sdmmc2;
> 	mmc1 = &sdmmc3;
> (for whatever reasons), you end up with mmc1 and mmc2 both pointing to
> sdmmc3. Ugly.

/delete-property/ is easily adaptable IMO, but yes, not particularly nice
to look at.

>> I think most people involved have boards (often with trivial board support)
>> that are not upstream. I do think we should avoid breaking them for no good
>> reason.
> I think these people should mainline their trivial board support if they
> want to be immune to such breaking.

One could hope. :-)


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