blspec - autoboot + timeout/default

Frank Wunderlich frank-w at
Sat Feb 5 06:58:54 PST 2022


can i boot directly to blspec-menu (boot -m sd.1) with setting in default env and boot a specific entry (by title/filename) after some time (e.g.3-5 sec)?

i have defined some blspec files in /mnt/sd.1/loader/entries/ and i want to show the menu by default and after some time the entry from specific file should be booted. this gives user the possibility to modify this conf to define his kernel for autoboot in headless mode.

i tried to modify defaultenv/nv/boot.default, but this needs filenames in /env/boot, no commands and if i use a script, it cannot start the "boot -m sd.1" because the /env/boot scripts run bootm (tried loading barebox with such script - ended with putting a separate script in /env/bin/)

btw. is there a way to load environment from a txt file from a specific partition (similar to uboots uEnv.txt)?

regards Frank

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