[PATCH 00/11] ARM: at91: sama5d4: add basic Wifx L1 support

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Wed Dec 28 02:46:30 PST 2022

Hi Ahmad.

> I have also resynced the Atmel NAND driver with
> Linux to get support for the new EBI binding, but I'll send that out
> as a separate patch once this is in. (If you need it for your hacking,
> I can push it somewhere before that though).
No need for the new EBI binding atm, so no reason to rush it.

> > The DT file in patch 11 looks like a file that would be a good linux
> > kernel candidate - but I guess this is for someone else to do.
> It's on the bucket list, but first barebox, DistroKit and then eventually
> upstreaming the kernel DT.
Hopefully there is a fist stage bootloader somewhere in the todo list.
I really like how this works with PBL and multi image - it is very elegant
in barebox and then at91bootstrap is no longer required.

> > I look forward to the day where the remaining three sama5d boards are all
> > multi-board and DT-enabled. This patch-set brings us a step closer.
> I don't have the boards, that are not yet DT-enabled, but I guess due
> diligence is done if we verify that the DT-enabled drivers work on some
> other SAMA5 board, which already has DT support. Now, with the NAND
> driver I ported for this, there remain three drivers that I have so
> far not tested:
> LCD, PWM and USB (Both Host/Gadget).
> If you tell me, that all these already work just fine for some SAMA5 with
> DT (or that they didn't work at all for SAMA5 without DT), I can send the
> patch series switching the remaining boards to multi-image.

I have a sama5d4 eXplained board - but the display no longer works.
I will try to take a look at DT enabling the board if I find time.
We can revisit what to do then, if you do not beat me to it before.

> > Do you know if there is a way to read bootsource from an at91sam92XX
> > CPU / ROMBOOT code?
> I just observed that the info is in r4 on all SAMA5 SoCs. Maybe that's
> the case for the older SoCs too?
Looking at at91bootstrap I do not have high hopes.
Only the sama5 chips have this code enabled.
(Looked at v3.9.3 - which is the latest with at91sam9x support).


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