[RFC PATCH] logo: Makefile: Replace inkscape with convert

Ian Abbott abbotti at mev.co.uk
Thu Oct 7 08:15:24 PDT 2021

On 07/10/2021 12:52, Jules Maselbas wrote:
> The uses of inkscape to convert svg to png hasn't been very stable from
> one version to another, and required quirks from one version to another.
> I hope that convert from imagemagick will be a more stable solution.

I think the output from "imagemagick convert" also looks better than the 
output from "librsvg2 rsvg-convert" that I mentioned earlier in the thread.

I've attached the output from these commands for comparison:

1) convert -resize 640 barebox.svg barebox-640-convert.png
2) rsvg-convert --width 640 barebox.svg > barebox-640-rsvg.png

The logo's face-on vertical box edge looks a bit funky in the 
rsvg-convert output.

(I used "convert" version 6.9.11-60 and "rsvg-convert" version 2.50.7)

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