[PATCH 00/30] efi: refactor for upcoming loader support

Sascha Hauer sha at pengutronix.de
Wed Nov 24 23:44:32 PST 2021

On Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 09:47:02AM +0100, Ahmad Fatoum wrote:
> Nothing EFI loader support specific yet, just shifting around code to
> enable future reuse, fixing some typos found along the way and improving
> wide char support a bit.
> Ahmad Fatoum (30):
>   fs: remove useless AT_FDCWD references
>   fs: remove unused struct node_d in struct dir
>   block : efi: rename driver variable from efi_fs_driver to
>     efi_bio_driver
>   include: <linux/types.h>: wrap in #ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
>   hw_random: stm32: propagate error codes from rng read
>   efi: align LOAD_FILE_PROTOCOL_GUID's name with other PROTOCOL_GUIDs
>   asm-generic: move sync_caches_for_execution declaration to
>     <asm/cache.h>
>   common: move EFI code into new efi/ top level directory
>   serial: efi-stdio: move efi-stdio.h header to central location
>   efi: use SPDX-License-Identifier where appropriate
>   drivers: efi: move Kconfig options to new menu
>   efi: factor out errno translation
>   efi: rename <efi/efi.h> to <efi/efi-payload.h>
>   efi: centralize efivarfs_parse_filename
>   kbuild: force 16-bit wchar_t treewide
>   include: <linux/nls.h>: remove duplicate wchar_t typedef
>   lib: wchar: add wctomb and mbtowc
>   lib: implement wcsnlen
>   vsprintf: add optional support for %ls format modifier
>   libfile: null-terminate read_file of wchar_t buffer
>   commands: echo: add wide file output via wecho alias
>   efi: make efi_main __noreturn
>   efi: define and use new EFI_ERROR_MASK macro
>   common: move CONFIG_ELF into General Settings
>   efi: don't zero executable buffer before freeing
>   partitions: efi: move header to central location
>   efi: print early efi_main string on CONFIG_DEBUG_LL=y
>   ARM64: board-dt-2nd: remove no longer needed noinline function split
>   bus: acpi: register bus even if without ACPI EFI table
>   efi: guid: fix typos

Applied with typos fixed, thanks


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