[PATCH v2 00/29] RISC-V: add BeagleV Beta board support

Sascha Hauer sha at pengutronix.de
Mon Jun 21 02:11:39 PDT 2021

On Sat, Jun 19, 2021 at 06:50:26AM +0200, Ahmad Fatoum wrote:
> The changes allow barebox to run second stage (after ddrinit and second
> boot) on the BeagleV beta board. It does everything necessary to support
> Ethernet, MMC, GPIO, pinmux, pinconf, clock, reset, watchdog, HWRNG and
> DMA between CPU and the cache-incoherent DMA masters.
> The current vendor kernel doesn't care much for low-level
> initialization, depending on pinmux, pinconf, clock and reset to happen
> completely in the bootloader. This makes an initial bootloader port
> much more complex, because you need not only care about the peripherals
> you use yourself, but those that Linux may want to access to.
> For this reason, there is a starfive-pwrseq driver that binds against
> some nodes like the neural network accelerator, which we will probably
> never support, but at least tickles it resets and enables its clocks.
> Some peripherals require writing magic values into registers, which
> this series doesn't do. If your boot hangs, consider checking out:
> https://github.com/a3f/barebox/tree/beaglev
> instead, which imports some vendor boot code to support more
> peripherals. This series is sufficient to have barebox boot kernels that
> do their own initialization though. Problem is there are no such kernels
> yet ^^.
> Candidates for further steps:
>  - Support more peripherals in starfive-pwrseq
>  - Get Designware i2c controller working, so we can use PMIC for reset
>  - Get Cadence QSPI working, so barebox can flash itself and use
>    environment on flash
>  - Figure out the ticket lottery stuff, so we can boot multi-core
>  - Replace ddrinit and secondboot with PBL, load from there opensbi
>    and then return to barebox proper
>  - Complete missing clock tree info when Documentation is available
> I can use a hand impementing these, so patches are most certainly
> welcome (Antony, I am looking at you ;-).
> v1 was here:
> 	https://lore.barebox.org/barebox/20210531073821.15257-1-a.fatoum@pengutronix.de/
> v1 -> v2:
>   - Dropped untested PMIC and flash chip commits. i2c and qspi controller
>     drivers in tree don't yet work for BeagleV
>   - remove clocksource clutter from console
>   - import S-/M-Mode multi-image series, so we can build all images for
>     the same ISA in one go
>   - Drop barebox,provide-mac-address from OTP driver. This is now done
>     via nvmem-cells reference
>   - Replace coherent memory from SRAM allocator with non-1:1 mapping:
>     Give devices the cached <= 32 bit address, as they are
>     cache-incoherent anyway, and use the > 32 bit uncached address from
>     CPU side. Works beautifully
>   - Drop 64-bit-conversion for dw_mmc. Sascha did it for rk3568 and it
>     works for BeagleV too
>   - Check Designware ETH coherent memory allocation against mask
>   - Rebase on newest clock changes
>   - Disable clocks after resets (Sascha)
>   - Move repsonsibility of keeping reset-synchronous clocks needed
>     for normal operation enabled to drivers (Sascha, off-list)
>   - Handle fence.i trap in exception handler to support SoCs without
>     Zifencei ISA extension
>   - Add some static clock initialization to starfive-pwrseq driver
>   - Add pinctrl driver support
>   - Add GPIO driver support
>   - Add board support
> Ahmad Fatoum (29):
>   clocksource: RISC-V: demote probe success messages to debug level
>   RISC-V: virt: select only one timer
>   RISC-V: extend multi-image to support both S- and M-Mode
>   RISC-V: cpuinfo: return some output for non-SBI systems as well
>   RISC-V: S-Mode: propagate Hart ID
>   RISC-V: erizo: make it easier to reuse ns16550 debug_ll
>   RISC-V: socs: add Kconfig entry for StarFive JH7100
>   nvmem: add StarFive OTP support
>   RISC-V: dma: support multiple dma_alloc_coherent backends
>   RISC-V: add exception support
>   RISC-V: support incoherent I-Cache
>   drivers: soc: sifive: add basic L2 cache controller driver
>   soc: starfive: add support for JH7100 incoherent interconnect
>   soc: sifive: l2_cache: enable maximum available cache ways
>   net: designware: fix non-1:1 mapped 64-bit systems
>   net: designware: add support for IP integrated into StarFive SoC
>   mci: allocate DMA-able memory
>   mci: allocate sector_buf on demand
>   dma: allocate 32-byte aligned buffers by default
>   mci: dw_mmc: add optional reset line
>   mci: dw_mmc: match against StarFive MMC compatibles
>   clk: add initial StarFive clock support
>   reset: add StarFive reset controller driver
>   watchdog: add StarFive watchdog driver
>   hw_random: add driver for RNG on StarFive SoC
>   reset: add device_reset_all helper
>   gpio: add support for StarFive GPIO controller
>   misc: add power sequencing driver for initializing StarFive
>     peripherals
>   RISC-V: StarFive: add board support for BeagleV Starlight

Applied, thanks


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