Compiled in boot environment and dtbo files

Konstantin Kletschke konstantin.kletschke at
Fri Jun 18 05:43:53 PDT 2021

> While I have not yet used overlays in barebox, and don't know what is
> wrong here, the order of loading is not what you think.

I think I got your point.
Setting those parameters are not really loading stuff. 
So the setting order has nothing to do with load order, the booting itself
loads the stuff and the kernel gets a prepared list of addresses where each
part was located from the bootloader.

> the file name, so the file is loaded when of_overlay is run.  Looks
> like that fixup process run by bootm didn't work for some reason and
> this is the source of the errors.

I will prepare another mail to this list replying to Sascha what I found out
about that error meanwhile. It is not much but probably the problem is not
barebox related I suppose.

> To be more consistent with the rest of bootm, there should probably be
> variables "global.bootm.ofoverlay.*" and bootm will load the files in
> those variables as overlays.  Those improvements Sascha alluded to are
> probably something like this.

Thanks for the information.

Kind Regards

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