NXP Layerscape

Barbier, Renaud renaud.barbier at abaco.com
Tue Jun 15 12:02:03 PDT 2021

>  09570604 10000000

> This is the weird one. The QSPI read data is memory mapped in some SRAM where it is directly executed. 
So if  I understand you correctly both the PBI and barebox PBL got mapped to the SRAM (which I guess may be the OCRAM1 if i refer to the address above 0x10000000) and get executed sequentially.

Based on U-boot, RCW+PBI (at 0x40000000) which specifies 09570604 40100000 (address of U-boot), I would have thought that the address needed to be the exact start address of the barebox PBL in QSPI. Apparently not. 

So If I burn the image barebox-ls1046ardb-qspi.image at address 0x40000000 (start of QSPI flash) by using U-boot, it shall boot on power on.


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