Beaglebone Black defconfigs

Konstantin Kletschke konstantin.kletschke at
Fri Jun 11 05:13:07 PDT 2021

>> And a coloured command prompt! Are you guys serious? Nice!
> We're not in the 90ies anymore, are we? ;)

Yes, there have many things happen when I left bootloader/kernel programming, many.

And yesterday  I realised my u-boot was not reading my uEnv.txt, never did, neither where I put it.
So I bet faster is getting barebox to work than finding out how to make u-boot eating my uEnv.txt.

> Indeed that address looked suspicous to me, but I grepped the sourcecode
> for 0x4020f010 and 0x4020f0 afterwards.

Okay, I am “glad" you needed to verify with grep :-D


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