[PATCH v1 08/12] ARM: stm32mp157c-dk2: add board-specific sysconf fixups

Rouven Czerwinski rcz at pengutronix.de
Mon Jun 17 22:43:29 PDT 2019

> Skipping this if TF-A was loaded beforehand seems to be just an
> optimization
> that shouldn't affect correctness. But the PSCI stuff installed by
> barebox
> and TF-A if used may be another matter.
> Rouven, any idea how to check if TF-A was first stage? Would checking
> if barebox
> is in non-secure mode work?

Unfortunately, no. ARMv7a does not provide any means to check whether
the processor is in secure state (which would indicate that no secure
monitor has been installed). Accesses to the secure configuration
register which contain the NS bit will result in an abort, however I
currently don't remember whether this abort is taken in secure or non-
secure mode.

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