Bringup Barebox on imx8mm

Yazdani, Reyhaneh RYazdani at
Thu Jun 13 08:14:32 PDT 2019

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to bringup Barebox on i.MX8MM-evk.

I have followed all the commits related to the i.MX8MQ and added proper files
and changes for i.MX8MM-evk board.

The problem is Barebox stops at "ddrc_phy_wait_training_complete" function,
exactly at sub-function "ddrc_phy_get_message". The read-value from the

phy + DDRC_PHY_REG(0xd0004) is not correct, and it remains in while loop.

I used the ddr_init and ddrphy_train files produced from mscale_ddr_tool of NXP,
and even compared with the value from U-boot. All are similar.

Does any body have an idea what would be the problem?



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