Raspberry Pi Barebox State Integration - SD card

Moritz Augsburger ml+barebox at moritz.augsburger.name
Tue Jun 4 23:46:17 PDT 2019


Am 2019-06-05 06:26, schrieb Valentina Rusu:
> Thank you for the response!
> I had a quick look over this patch, I need to find a way to adapt it
> for RPi 3, as vmmc-supply , reg_3v3, vqmmc-supply, reg_1v8 are not
> configured for rpi 3 (they exist only for CM1 and CM3 as I have seen
> in the device tree sources).

I guess these are leftovers from sdhost<->sdhci switching, the important 
part is the partition definition inside sdhost.

Therefore, try leaving them out, as the upstream files already contain a 
valid &sdhost definitions.

Best regards

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