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   barebox at Board Name:/ bootm /mnt/tftp/barebox-freescale-imx51-babbage.img
+High Assurance Boot
+HAB is a NXP ROM code feature which is able to authenticate software in
+external memory at boot time.
+This is done by verifying signatures as defined in the Command Sequence FILE
+(CSF) as compiled into the i.MX boot header.
+barebox supports generating signed images, signed USB images suitable for
+*imx-usb-loader* and encrypted images.
+In contrast to normal (unsigned) images booting signed images via
+imx-usb-loader requires special images:
+DCD data is invalidated (DCD pointer set to zero), the image is then signed and
+afterwards the DCD pointer is set to the DCD data again (practically making
+the signature invalid).
+This works because the imx-usb-loader transmits the DCD table setup prior to
+the actual image to set up the RAM in order to load the barebox image.
+Now the DCD pointer is set to zero (making the signature valid again) and the
+image is loaded and verified by the ROM code.
+Note that the device-specific Data Encryption Key (DEK) blob needs to be
+appended to the image after the build process for appropriately encrypted
+In order to generate these special image types barebox is equipped with
+corresponding static pattern rules in ``images/Makefile.imx``.
+Unlike the typical ``imximg`` file extension the following ones are used for
+these cases:
+* ``simximg``: generate signed image
+* ``usimximg``: generate signed USB image
+* ``esimximg``: generate encrypted and signed image
+The imx-image tool is then automatically called with the appropriate flags
+during image creation.
+This again calls Freescale's Code Signing Tool (CST) which must be installed in
+the path or given via the environment variable "CST".
+Assuming ``CONFIG_HAB`` and ``CONFIG_HABV4`` are enabled the necessary
+keys/certificates are expected in these config variables (assuming HABv4):
+.. code-block:: none
+A CSF template is located in
+``arch/arm/mach-imx/include/mach/habv4-imx6-gencsf.h`` which is preprocessed
+by barebox.
+It must be included in the board's flash header:
+.. code-block:: none
+  #include <mach/habv4-imx6-gencsf.h>
+Analogous to HABv4 options and a template exist for HABv3.
 Using GPT on i.MX

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