Raspberry Pi Barebox State Integration - SD card

Tomaž Šolc tomaz.solc at klevio.com
Tue Jun 4 00:52:42 PDT 2019


On 4. 06. 19 08:32, Valentina Rusu wrote:
> * other boards have EEPROM, NAND besides SD card and they are 
> described in the device tree; RPi has no such thing;

> * somehow I need to write the state on the SD card in a location
> where does not interfere with the partitions created (boot, rootfs,
> user partitions, etc);

Barebox on Raspberry Pi automatically saves nv variables to the
"barebox.env" file in the first partition - see rpi_env_init() in 
rpi-common.c. This is usually the /boot partition with FAT that also has 
the VideoCore firmware files, etc.

I have a working bootchooser setup for a board based on R.Pi CM3 using 
this functionality. No special setup was required in barebox regard to 
saving the bootchooser state.

I'm not familiar with meta-barebox and RAUC though.

Best regards

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