Raspberry Pi Barebox State Integration - SD card

Valentina Rusu skorpyon1992 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 23:32:59 PDT 2019

    Hello guys,

I want to integrate Barebox state for Raspberry Pi 3 in order to use
it along Barebox bootchooser and RAUC software update.
I have built my image using Yocto Pyro 2.3.2, barebox 2019.04.0 (added
a recipe in my meta layer, based on meta-barebox).
I have integrated Barebox bootchooser and tested it with some
hardcoded values for the target priority and remaining attempts. Works

The issue to integrate Barebox state are the following:
* we need to specify a backend for the "state" node;
* the backend should point to an of partition on a non-volatile memory;
* other boards have EEPROM, NAND besides SD card and they are
described in the device tree; RPi has no such thing;
* somehow I need to write the state on the SD card in a location where
does not interfere with the partitions created (boot, rootfs, user
partitions, etc);
* the SD card device (mci0) is automatically detected at startup, and
not described in the device tree;

I need to know how should I proceed? How should I describe that
"dynamic" device in my device tree, so I could point it in the
"backend" variable of the state node?

Thank you very much!

      Best regards,

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