problems writing an fs image to a disk partition

Giorgio Dal Molin giorgio.nicole at
Tue Sep 11 13:33:52 PDT 2018


today I've tried barebox v2018.09.0 on an EFI system.
It basically runs but I have problems when writing an fs image file
to a disk partition:

 > cp rootfs.img /dev/disk1.userland

barebox v2018.09.0 returns a 'no space left on device' error.

First of all I must ask if this is still the proper way to
write a content to a disk partition.

In case this should still work as expected here is a pseudo
backtrace of how the error happens on my system:

commands/cp.c:do_cp() ret = copy_file(argv[i], argv[argc - 1], verbose);
lib/libfile.c:copy_file() dstfd = open(dst, mode);
fs/fs.c:open() error = fsdrv->truncate(&fsdev->dev, f, 0);
fs/devfs.c: devfs_truncate()

in the call to devfs_truncate() I see cdev->ops->truncate == NULL
and f->fsdev->dev.num_resources == 0 and this makes the function
return -ENOSPC.

Hope the report helps identify a problem.


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