[PATCH] TODO: remove unused file

Roland Hieber r.hieber at pengutronix.de
Wed Jun 13 02:55:02 PDT 2018

This file was last touched in 2014-12, 2010-07 and 2009-12 and has at
most historical value. Most of the open tasks are done, if not, they are
probably out of date anyway.

Signed-off-by: Roland Hieber <r.hieber at pengutronix.de>
 TODO | 110 -------------------------------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 110 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 TODO

diff --git a/TODO b/TODO
deleted file mode 100644
index 8527e577e0..0000000000
--- a/TODO
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,110 +0,0 @@
-[ ] ask jbe about:
-    ./commands/Makefile:40:obj-$(CONFIG_SIMPLE_PARSER)      += setenv.o
-[ ] bark on partition not ending on flash sector boundaries
-[ ] Every driver should have a remove function.
-    (It must have. Currently there is no provision to given to remove my
-    interrupt handlers and to reset all hardware in use, before the target
-    OS is called. csc 21.03.2008 19:50:34)
-[ ] Global shutdown_drivers() function is needed to carefully clean up all
-    interrupt handlers and reset hardware to initial post reset or otherwise
-    save state.
-    (Ideally the hardware is set back to post-reset state after this call.
-    Run-up and run-down should be reentrant, so if bootm is failing the system
-    can re-initialize devices. csc 21.03.2008 19:48:49)
-[ ] Clean up make system. Currently I think there are many things from the
-    Linux make system which are not needed for barebox.
-    (Please retain definitions and related for module loading and relocation, so
-    that special barebox modules containing an ELF object can be linked to the
-    running barebox. csc 21.03.2008 19:52:49)
-[ ] get/set for nonextisting parameters crashes
-[ ] There is a xmalloc function which panics when out of memory. Use this
-    function where we don't want to check for oom. Same applies to
-    strdup/xstrdup.
-[ ] cleanup common.h. There are far too many things in it where we better have
-    a seperate header file.
-    (Use doxygen to track header file hierarchy)
-[ ] Rewrite network stack. The one-loop-for-all-protocols stack is just too
-    ugly and big and uses thousands of global variables. Identify common
-    functions and make a loop per network protocol
-[-] Cleanup cpu/*. Many functions there are not cpu specific. For example the
-    cache functions for arm are common for most arm processors. (done for ARM)
-    (I will check this for m68k arch - csc 21.03.2008 19:56:24)
-[ ] Move SoC specific header files from include/ to include/asm/arch/
-[ ] Several .c/.h files do not have GNU/copyright headers.
-[ ] The cramfs driver currently uses direct memory accesses instead of read().
-    This disqualifies it for real block devices.
-[ ] Add documentation for:
-	[ ] driver model
-	[ ] device parameter
-	[ ] big picture
-[ ] Add example driver and filesystem for reference purposes. Or denote a driver
-    and a filesystem to be the reference.
-[ ] realloc seems to crash without further notice when out of memory.
-[ ] implement a mmap() function. Of course we cannot really mmap without mmu,
-    but for memory mapped devices like nor flash we could provide a pointer to
-    it. With this we would not have to copy uimages to memory.
-[ ] command line editing is somewhat broken
-[ ] how to select a ethernet channel for tftp when more than one interface
-    of this type exists in the system?
-[ ] Cleanup headers. I propose to rearrange the files in a way to reflect the
-    organisation of the source tree. This requires changing the include paths
-    in nearly all files, therefore a merge window for this change must be
-    opened and merge in of all other topic branches must happen before.
-    Week 23 or 42 issue? csc, 21.03.2008 19:36:06
-[ ] Merge similiar information into a single common and a single arch dependant
-    file. E.g. all those general typedefs should be located in include types.h
-    and arch/asm/types.h. csc 21.03.2008 19:38:57
-[ ] Get rid of the current linux include dir. It should only contain information
-    required to boot linux. csc 21.03.2008 19:39:02
-[ ] Unify source headers to show up the GPL lic stuff followed by a doxygen file
-    description.
-[ ] Enhance and complete doxygen comments.
-[ ] Eliminate all #ifdef CONFIG_??? in C code. Disabled APIs should be defined
-    as empty macros, so that code is removed by the compiler, not the
-    preprocessor.
-    The #ifdefs should be located in their related header files only.
-[ ] Create an example board, which implements all functions stubs required
-    to compile a full barebox build. Functions are just stubs containing a
-    panic() call - Real code must be filled in accordingly.
-    Can be copied as starting point for a new target board.
-[ ] Add generic PCI bios code and a PCI bus driver model. The driver should
-    be configured by an appropriate platformconfig. Detected PCI buses and
-    devices should be represented as a hierarchical tree in /dev
-[ ] Work out, how to mount driver on PCI devices. The mechanism should be
-    transparent to the driver code.
-[x] Rename vmlinux -> barebox
-[x] Implement current work directory
-[x] ARCH=linux should catch ctrl-c
-[x] Implement 'rm'
-[x] the mount command currently does not accept a full path (i.e. /dev/nor0) but
-    only a device id string (nor0). This sucks.
-[x] FS support is not optional eventhough the Kconfig system claims it.
-[x] barebox used to have support for different consoles. The old code was huge and
-    ineffective, so I removed it. Reimplement it using the driver model.
-[x] Mount without options should show mounted filesystems
-[x] Add/fix help texts for commands
-[x] mw is broken. Add common option parsing for mm/md
-[x] Implement a info command for malloced space. Use it to find memory holes.
-[x] patch hush.c so that you can get/set device parameters with dev.param= and remove
-    get/set applets
-[x] rsc: switching on CONFIG_AUTO_COMPLETE fails, because env_complete()
-    isn't there
-[x] The header files in include/asm-linux/ are i386 specific. Make it work on
-    your i-Book (bigendian...)
-[x] Globbing support? Might be too expensive, but on the other hand, if you
-    have the space, why not?
-[x] Implement protect/unprotect support for cfi devices.
-[x] Implement a command 'countdown' or similar. It should delay the boot
-    process and interrupt it if a certain string is received. The string could
-    be any key, ctrl-c or a certain string. Maybe like this:
-    countdown -m msg -t timeout -x [ctrl-c|anykey|string]
-    If done, remove the corresponding stuff from common/main.c
-[X] Board support should go to arch/*/boards/*
-[X] distclean doesn't work without a config

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