Oftree from memory and access to start arguments

Pascal Vizeli pvizeli at syshack.ch
Tue Jun 5 16:07:27 PDT 2018


I'm working on a functionality to load a device tree with oftree from
memory. The use case is like raspberry platform they have his own
device tree for linux kernel. If I known the address (config.txt), I
will load this from memory and read out the dynamic linux args and use
other overlays for states with bootchoiser and boot the kernel

On raspberry, I can write the device-tree to a memory address with
config.txt. It would be nice, if I can access to barebox (start.c)
main arguments, while the raspberry pi load barebox like a linux
kernel and give him the device-address on r2.

I'm not sure if the access to the arguments really wanted, so I do
that only with fixed address. In other case, I don't see how I could
access to this arguments.

The idea is to have a function like `oftree -l 0x100`. Extended maybe
a global variable with the memory address, passed from start.

Anyway it work also with config.txt:


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